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Santa Eleni 2010

The main workshoproom (8,25m x 8,35m) can be used for workshops that in some way have to do with spiritual growth and creativity.

On the second floor are a number of two-person chambers, with shower and a balcony. The common kitchen is provided with a modern work top with much cupboard space, silverware, cookingdevice, a frigidaire and a large dining table with chairs. There are one and two persons chambers (total number of persons to be discussed in advance) the number of beds are at this moment: 11 single-person and one two-persons bed. 

On the terrace and around the house one can undertake all kinds of activities without being disturbed. For a sociable evening out you can go to the village of Petra or Anaxos (both 2 km) or to Molyvos (5 km).

Tel: 0031 (0) 50 5018224