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Santa Eleni 2010

The Center Santa Eleni is born out of love for the island of Lesvos. The hospitality of the people, the unforgettable scenery and the peace makes you never want to leave. The latter was impossible, we had to go back home, with tears in our eyes! 
So we wanted to go back to Lesvos, and we wanted many people to get acquainted with this Divine energy. With the help of Greek friends we could buy a piece of land and began the construction of the center.
The name Santa Eleni originates from Saint Helen, the patron saint who helps you find lost things. Near the house is a very impressive old oak with a prayer place in nature for Saint Helen. 

From the large terrace you have a wonderful view over the Aegean sea with two islands off the coast. At night the sky is overwhelming and the quietness only "disturbed" by the owl that lives in our walls. 

The electricity is provided entirely by Mother Nature (solar panels) which means that responsibility is requested from our guests on power consumption. Water is scarce on the island and the tap water is not suitable for drinking. But drinkingwater is available everywhere in the stores.